Traveling with Samantha


As a doggie parent flying for the first time with my Shih tzu Samantha, I learned a few things to pass on to those of you considering taking your babies up in the air with you.

  1. Be sure not only to have the health certificate for your pet, but their actual vaccine booklet as well.
  2. When you get to the airport, check your bags first thing. Trust me, it’s way easier to deal with your pet when you have less to carry around.
  3. Before going through security, take your pet outside for one final walk-potty.
  4. If your pet hates the carrier, going through security is just going to suck. You have to take your pet out before the x-ray and then put him/her back in right after the x-ray. The struggle is real.
  5. While waiting for your flight, your pet has to remain in their carrier. I hid in a few corners with Sammers quietly on my lap or sitting next to me, airport personnel always found me.
  6. Have all your pets paperwork and booklet available when boarding. They will want to look at it before letting your pet board.
  7. Find your seat and get situated immediately. There is even less room when your pet is at your feet.
  8. Pray your pet doesn’t bark. Sammers barked a few times each flight. I bent over and gave a quick hello each time and all was good.
  9. Trying to get your checked bag from the conveyer with a pet is kind of a pain because of all the people crowded around. I set her down for one second to get my luggage, turned around, and found her rolling away, freaking out in her carrier. I felt terrible.
  10. Have water and her leash ready when you pass through those exit doors. Celebrate. You made it!

Would I travel with her again? The jury is still out on that one.


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