Souvenir Buying

When buying travel souvenirs for myself, I stay away from the souvenir trinket stores. Inevitably, the sombrero from Mexico ends up in the garage sale, the metal Eiffel tower disappears and I couldn’t care less, or the sarongs bought from a beach vacation go into a drawer….forever.

I usually do some research. What the country/area is known for. I will often have one or two things that I want to buy for sure. But mostly, what I buy just happens. You’re walking down the street and see an artist painting a pic that captures the moment. Or you stroll into a shop and see something that you love. My advice is when this happens, to buy. I find I rarely go back when I say I will. And then I’m back at home regretting the non purchase.

Here are some things I’ve bought from my travels that I love.

  1. London- I bought teas in tins and I still use the tins today 20 years later.
  2. Ireland- Pottery from the Kylemore Abbey that was made by the nuns.
  3. Paris – Street art, perfume, beauty items from the pharmacy, jewelry. (Next visit, I definitely want something vintage from a street market.)
  4. Prague- A military jacket that fits me perfectly and was only $4.00!
  5. Barcelona – Espadrilles
  6. Vienna- A little music box that plays Mozart
  7. Venice- Street art and a venetian glass pendant
  8. Turkey- Pillow slipcovers, a pair of earrings that are one of my favorites to wear
  9. Mexico City- A table runner that I use on a shelf as décor
  10. Playa del Carmen- A decoupage chubby angel covered in cartoon with gold wings. ( My latest acquisition.)
  11. And from everywhere, I always buy a rosary.


The best part of buying a souvenir is when I’m at  home and I walk by the painting, or wear the piece of jewelry I bought from another part of the world, there is a memory flash of my time there.


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