Meet Fred-My New Scoby

This is Fred. He’s a scoby (bacteria) that is used to make Kombucha.


Kombucha tea is a fermented tea that dates WAY back to China and Russia. It has scads of health benefits such as probiotics, detox, improves digestion, alkalizes the body, etc. I recently ordered a Kombucha starter kit from Here’s Fred feasting on some sugared tea. He’s at the bottom of the jar and his newly made offspring is at the top (Fred Jr. I guess).


After about 16 days, I did a taste test and checked the ph and it was all signs Go! Next, I bottled the tea in individual jars straining out all the Fred bits. I will leave them in the pantry for two more days to get carbonation.


Next step is¨”Cheers”! Fred’s back in freshly brewed tea to start the process again.  This second batch I will be experimenting with flavors, especially ginger since that is my favorite store bought Kombucha. Side note: Kombucha is not cheap here in Mexico. I will have paid for my kit with the second batch, and then it’s a free lifelong supply.

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