Let the Juice Fast Begin!

Since I’ve been feeling so sluggish/slobbish lately, I needed to find a way to jumpstart myself back into healthy living, I’ve been doing small healthy things here and there, but for whatever reason, I haven’t been able to fully commit. So what brilliant idea have I come up with to solve this dilemma?  I decided to go ‘all in’ on a juice fast for 6 days.

I found a juice bar called JuiceMart here in Monterrey. They also make fresh detox juices for at home juice fasts.  I begin tomorrow!

I’ve gone to a 9 day juice fast retreat before, so I have an idea of what it’s like. I’m anticipating the toughest part being that I will not be in a controlled environment this time. I’ll be posting my experience along with all the wellness activities I will be doing. I welcome any recommendations anybody might have.



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