Juice Fast Day 6

It’s the end of day 6 and I’m finished!

I have to admit the last day was not as stringent as before. After yesterday’s salad fiasco, I wasn’t hungry at all…for anything. I had my morning lemon water and water in general, but thinking of any of the juices made me nauseous. It wasn’t until after 1:00pm that I had my first juice. Then I had 2 more and that was it.

In the end, I’m happy I did it. I feel lighter and it was a great motivator to get healthy. On the downside, it was REALLY difficult. The flu symptoms were the worst, but I guess if you want the toxins out you have to accept the pain. And as for losing weight, I have no idea. It was a detox for health, not a diet.

Would I do it again? Yes, but probably at a retreat/spa with all the herbs, massages, colonics, etc. I feel like those things really help the process. What I would do at home is a modified version of juices with a daily plant based meal.

As for tomorrow I plan on a morning smoothie, a plant based meal, and a squash soup that’s in process now. Cheers to healthy living!





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