Day Tour to Serbia

Sr. Elizondo and I smoothly crossed the border from Bulgaria into Serbia today on a day tour. Our first stop was the Skull Tower. It was constructed as a memorial to the first Serbian fight for independence. (The skulls are real.)

They had to put glass in front of the tower due to people taking the skulls to have symbolic “funerals” for their lost loved ones.

Our second stop was to the Red Cross Concentration Camp. It was used as a distribution point before sending those off to the bigger concentration camps. While it’s considered a “lighter” camp, those who were imprisoned here were still horrifically tortured and killed.

The execution wall was full of holes from bullets.

Next stop was to the Ottoman Turkish Fortress from the 18th century. The entrance and partial wall is all that’s left, but in excellent condition.

Behind it is a big park with a shop and cafe, a mosque (now art gallery), and ancient ruins.

We had lunch of salad, pork cooked in 5 different ways, and Serbian beer in the city center. It was all delicious as usual. Let me reiterate from a previous post, the pork in these countries is unbelievably good.

This day tour was worth it and part of reason was this was a fun group to travel with. Thanks Nadia.

*The other traveler was on his way to Chernoby after this. I’m hoping he sends us pics of his visit there.

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