November Recap-Week 2

For the past month plus, it has rained non stop. I’m so over it.

And then on Nov 7, the clouds parted…:)

A visit to the beach on this day was necessary I think for everyone.

Apparently my left ear canal is defective because the AirPod just won’t stay secure in that ear. So below is my necessary headphone purchase.

Lunch at Los Aguachiles in Playacar. I’m not normally a huge ceviche fan, but I was today. Mmmmmm.

Some Sandy Toes 20 progress. Bathroom tiles are actually happening.

There’s actual progress happening outside of Sandy Toes as well. A new plaza being built just outside the community. Yay!

Sam has started laying on my foot these days. Not sure why, but as always she’s melting my heart.

Seafood again, this time at La Barracuda. An unassuming place, but Oh So Good. Sr. E said it’s the best seafood he has had in Playa. I think I agree.

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