November Recap-Week 3

Sr. E just left this week and we already miss him.

The Crown Season 4 on Netflix is just as good as the first three seasons. I’m slightly obsessed.

I ordered my planner for next year. Yay! This time I made a custom one through Golden Coil.

The usual.

Current read: The Stone Crusher. The true story of a jewish father and son who survive the camps together, Auschwitz included.

Trump is going to stress me out until the very end. Started a 40 day Kirtan Kriya meditation.

Bienvenido to this guy who’s making a life in my tiny and unloved gravel patio.

It’s slowly happening. Sandy Toes 2.0 is getting a little bigger. 🙂

My latest food find was just outside the community. A couple of Argentinians set up a Choripan (Argentinian sausage sandwich) station, along with empanadas, tartlets, and alfajores. It’s all made from scratch and it’s all delicioso.

Started 9 days of morning celery juice. It’s not a pleasant drink, but my sister swears by it’s benefits.

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