November Recap-Week 4

A Playa Del Carmen visual.

My new kitchen inspiration and final decision. Concrete, open style. I not only like the style, but it seems to be the best option living in high humidity.

A couple of weeks ago on Post Secret was the secret below. The recipe has now gone viral. I want to make it too.

This recipe has been a family secret for 100 years. It’s a great pie, and deserves to be shared. My petty vindictive aunts don’t deserve to keep it to themselves. I love and miss you, Grandma!

I’ve resurrected my Garmin step tracker from probably 2013. So now I’m one of the counters trying to hit the daily 10,000.

Cereal Magazines, “Autumn 2020” playlist on Spotify. Grab a throw and a glass of wine, and relax.

Rainy day boredom buys.

  • Oysho tunic dress (much cuter in person & it has pockets)
  • Oysho bralettes (the best)
  • Zara top
  • Old Navy tunic (in a large size and I’ve been wearing it as a dress…ALOT)
  • Pull & Bear cotton maxi. I have all 3 colors now and basically live in them.
  • Stradivarius top. Random on sale purchase that I love.

This is a torta de pollo milanese (chicken sandwich) I bought from a man selling food from the back of his car, which is common in Mexico. (BTW: It reminded me of Subway, but better.)

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