Christmas Gifts 2020

“They” say Facebook Portal is the best for video calls with friends and fambams.’s cocktail Infusion kits.

Madame de la Maison mix and match vintage plates from France.

Kusmi Tea Collection. I’ll be buying this for myself again this year.:)

Moma puzzle.

Cos cashmere hooded cardigan.

Aromaria boxed incense in Garden scents.

This child size Woodland Store/Theater available at Tender Leaf.

JCrew camel coat. (Ignore this guys crazy face)

Dog toys and toy baskets made from rope from The Stylish Dog Company.

A cheese grotto from Food 52.

Coatt morse code beaded personalized jewelry.

Victoria Magazine’s Jane Austen embroidery kit.

Iphone Printer prints your screen shots into polaroids.

Wellies for the rainy days.

Hopefully, we won’t need these for much longer, but until we do…This cotton mask is from Anthropologie.

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