January Recap-Week 1 2021

The first day of 2021! We went to Punta Esmeralda public beach. A pretty beach, but WAY TOO crowded. So naturally, we opted for eating instead.

La Cueva del Chango. We were all super happy with our food choices in this jungle atmosphered restaurant.

This chair was calling my name after eating, but we walked for a bit instead.

Day 2 and we made it to the beach, Playacar to be specific. By far, the best beach in Playa Del Carmen. Get a day pass at one of the resorts, cop a squat, and enjoy the beauty.

Current read: Travels with Charley, written in 1962 and still relevant today.

I tried tacos arabe (arabic tacos) and they were pretty darn good. The tortilla is flat bread and the meat has different seasoning than the Mexican taco. Add a little white garlic sauce and yum.

Tulum has become insane with traffic and congested with people. Sadly, I feel it’s no longer worth a visit anymore.

And then we visited the polar opposite: Akumal Beach, where the turtles go to have their babies and you can help them back to the sea.:) It’s also a great place for snorkeling. If you just want to chill and relax, this is the beach for you.

2021 Mindset (via Hope Hall)

When I feel overwhelmed or stressed or lose my center, I draw on one or all of these things: 

Be kind & be useful. 

Slow way, way down. 

Let the world speak to you. 

Rest your mind on your breath. 

I am only as good as the company I keep. 

How can I best support my own vulnerability? 

Compassion is the highest form of critical thinking. 

My life—which includes my work—is only as good as I feel. 

Try to put how you want to feel ahead of what you want to be or even do. 

This is what I’m doing, this thing, right now; drop the words, stick with the feeling. 

Be ready for opportunities & openings as they come along; change is the only constant. 

Go toward the good—the good people, the good moments—& let the rest of the static, noise & drama fall away. 

While we’re breathing—which is miraculous, and won’t be happening some day—all we’re doing is learning and growing. That’s all, learning and growing. 

Follow your interests, wherever they lead will be somewhere that lights up your eyes, or floats your cork; notice when you get excited &/or confused by things, write down these moments & let them guide you.

When I realize I am distracted, I ask:
“What is standing between me & being present right now?”

When I’m confused by someone else’s behavior:
I try to imagine what it feels like to do or say what they’re doing or saying & feel that it is good, correct, right, justified, chosen, the way I typically feel about my own choices. More often than not, we believe we’re right. Everyone makes sense to themselves. Sometimes I call this personal logic.

When I’m humbled by a moment when I’m fumbling:
I smile & wave at the world and say, “This is me learning, right here & right now,” & to myself, gently, trying to
remember to laugh while I say it, “Challenges are opportunities for growth.”

When I feel myself shutting down in a stressful situation,
proverbially clenching my fist:
I imagine what it would be like to open my hand, gently, so that a feather or a bird could land on it (I know how cheesy that sounds, but I say it anyway). I dial down the seven inputs of experience (five senses, thoughts, and feelings) and tune in to the constant current of my witnessing consciousness. I notice my heart when it closes, then let the waves of feelings flow through my heart, unstuck.

The gifts my father left me:
I refuse to be insulted;
The trick is to be ready;
How lucky are we to live in this beautiful place?

I think I’m done blogging. Bye.:)

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