Perfume 101 via French Girl Extraordinaire

According to Ines Fressange, here is how French women wear their perfume.

  1. Find your scent and stick to it. French women are faithful to their perfume.
  2. But let your perfumes evolve with you. What you wear when you’re 16 will probably not be what you’re wearing in yours 40’s.
  3. Keep it subtle and discreet. Ines wears her perfume on her neck, wrists, and scarf.
  4. Don’t mix and match perfumes. It won’t work. Perfumery is complex business.
  5. Use fragrance in all aspects of your life: body, car, home, drawers, etc.

What’s the #1 perfume currently in the U.S.? Per Sephora, it’s Chanel Chance, Coco Mademoiselle, and Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. In France it’s Lancôme La Vie Est Belle with Christian Dior J’Adore a close second.

Perfume tips:

  1. Store your perfume in dark, cool, dry places. Avoid temperature fluctuations.
  2. Perfume lasts the longest when you apply to pulse points that generate heat and on moisturized skin.
  3. Use unscented lotion, rubbing alcohol, or vaseline if you put on too much of your perfume.
  4. Perfume is expired when it’s color becomes darker and the consistency is ‘syrupy’.