Krakow Jewish Quarter and Schindler Factory

Today was a long walking day. There are plenty of electric car tours to take you into the Jewish quarter and the Schindler Factory, but we decided to hoof it.

On our way we stopped at Wawel Castle next to the Vistula river. It’s from the 12th century where polish kings were coronated. It’s considered Krakow’s most important building.

Sr. Elizondo reminded me we’re on vacation, so we got a later start today and it was already time for lunch. We went to a traditional polish restaurant very near to the castle. We had the polish usual: meat, potatoes, cheese, and cabbage 3 different ways. Oh, and with beer of course.

Walking about 15 minutes south of the castle is Kazimierz, the Jewish quarter of Krakow. I liked this area a lot. Mixed in with the Jewish history of it, it has an artsy vibe as well with plenty of restaurants and shops.


The Old Synagogue

A pelican to help entice you into shopping.

Next up, Schindler’s Factory. It was another mile farther. We were not the only ones walking to it.

Unfortunately, the tickets were sold out when we arrived. We could see only the outside and a small interior area. I was still happy to see it.

We took a straight shot back about 4 miles to the main square. There we had a couple of beers before calling it quits.