Krakow Final Thoughts

If you”re on a timeframe, the highlights of Krakow can be done in 3 days. We were here for 5 and still had plenty to do and see. I would break it down like this:

Krakow main square/Wawel Castle

The Jewish Quarter/Schindler Factory



Krakow Basics:

Most Polish people speak English on some level.

Poland has their own coin PLN. On this trip, it was approx 4:1 USD.

Reserve tickets in advance for a Wawel Castle and Schindler Factory.

The Polish people are welcoming and friendly, and not without a sense of humor.

(Milk; Vodka; Beer)

It also felt completely safe. I saw very few sketchy people in the tourist zones we visited.

Krakow is a beautiful city and worth a visit.


Wieliczka Salt Mine, Then Food

Today we visited the Wieliczka Salt Mine. To be honest, Sr Elizondo liked the tour much more than I did. It turns out, I’m not that interested in salt mines.

What was amazing to see was the church they made in the mine with salt crystal chandeliers and salt rock sculptures and walls. This room had my full attention.

Another thing that had my attention today was this goulash in the city center. It’s so delicious, I’ve ate it twice now.

Not to be forgotten, the polish pale ales are worth drinking as well.

We also had a shot of the popular polish Bison Grass Vodka. This vodka has a slight aftertaste to it of cherry maybe? I’m not sure, but I certainly wouldn’t mind having a cocktail using this vodka.


Hello Krakow

Ten hours of flight time…

A layover in Frankfurt…

And we made it to Krakow. It was a long day/night of travel, but without incident and surprisingly uncrowded airports. When we arrived, we used the Krakow Airport Taxi with predetermined rates and a friendly driver. I thought about purchasing private transportation as I’m always cautious about taxis, regardless of the country. I’m happy I didn’t as there was no need.

(Polish Trivia: Where do Polish people like to go on their vacations? The Croatian Coast.)

Hotel Fortuna is a budget hotel located in the old town city center, exactly where tourists want to be. The rooms were large, clean, and the hotel had a good breakfast buffet.

Let the first day begin!